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The Affordable Care Act has significantly changed the way health care is provided. Understanding these changes and how they directly affect you as a consumer is extremely important. While affordable insurance is more available than before, it is still important to find an insurance that fits your unique needs. And that can oftentimes require a professional agent at your side.

Affordable Insurance for Americans

The goal of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is to increase the number of insured Americans by decreasing the overall costs of health care. This was done by providing an easily accessible marketplace for health insurance exchanges, offering tax credits, and opportunities to fund additional children and adults in low-income homes.

Coverage to fit your Needs

While enacted nationally, there are important details that consumers need to look at on a local level as well. An agent who has your best interests at heart will do the research to find out the doctors you use and if they are part of the smaller networks covered under your policy. This is extremely important, as networks have decreased in size in order to facilitate lower costs.

Getting the Right Help

Beyond all of this, our licensed agents are registered with the Marketplaces, have completed training, and ultimately abide by all of the federal requirements in order to help you find and enroll in coverage through the State Partnership Marketplaces. This allows our agents to address the needs of consumers.

Avoiding Problems

There are countless cases of consumers struggling to navigate the new Marketplaces. Don’t do it alone, especially when you can have our licensed professionals help you find coverage that fits within your budget—as well as your needs.

For consumers in Indiana and Kentucky, you can be sure that the experts at Intelli Choice Insurance know where to start your search. From traditional insurance companies like Anthem and Humana to insurance through not-for-profits like Kentucky Health Cooperative, Intelli Choice Insurance goes above and beyond the one-size-fits-all mentality.

Give us a call today and we will guide you through the Marketplace and help you find insurance that fits your unique coverage needs.

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