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We’ve discovered that our clients hold many of the same values that Dave Ramsey talks about in his books and radio show. These are the same values that are central to Intelli Choice Insurance— friendly customer service, top quality insurance advice, and accountability.

Through the Endorsed Local Provider (or ELP) program, Dave Ramsey endorses local businesses that live up to his high standards. We are proud to be the Dave Ramsey ELP for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for over 5 years.

What is a Dave Ramsey ELP?

According to Dave Ramsey’s website, an ELP is “a network of endorsed professionals who are held accountable by members of Dave’s team and customer reviews.”

Dave Ramsey only chooses the most qualified businesses to recommend to his fans. Anyone can go to his website and find the top rated businesses within their local community.

An ELP is earned, not bought

Businesses can’t simply buy their way into being an ELP. The application process is rigorous, and Dave’s team considers many aspects including customer reviews and trustworthiness before making a decision.

To make sure he only recommends the best companies to do business with, Dave’s team of professionals carefully interviews and researches the top local businesses in communities across the country.

Intelli Choice Insurance was chosen to be a Dave Ramsey ELP over 5 years ago. Because of our high standards of customer service, and also because our clients consistently give us an approval rating of over 95%, Dave Ramsey continues to recommend our insurance services to his fans in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

A Local Independent Insurance Agency You Can Trust

We put the needs of our clients above the needs of the insurance companies. As a local independent agency, we aren’t tied to any one insurance provider. We offer our clients a broad range of insurance options, helping them choose the coverage that is right for them.

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